NYSASN Checklist for Consideration of New York Schools Reopening

The NYSASN Board of Directors re-entry committee has developed a check off list of guidelines (based on CDC and DOH/SED guidelines) for school re-entry. This list addresses safety and preparedness. It is a resource for you to use that lists items to consider as you prepare for re-entry.

Create Team/Join a team
  • Become part of your school reopening team
  • Consult with Medical Director to develop guidelines for nurses in management of COVID-19


Office Set Up
  • Office setting design- separating well children and sick children
  • Use of partitions, curtains, polycarbonate, separate room if staffing available
  • How will you ventilate the nurse’s office – HEPA filter, air circulation, air purifiers, etc.…?


Disinfectants/Sanitize/Hand sanitizers
  • Disinfectants- daily and between sick children
  • Have hand sanitizers available for nurses and in key public areas


PPE/ Use of masks
  • Use of PPE- N95 masks, gloves, face shields, gowns (disposable or lab coats)
  • Have nursing staff fit-tested prior to school reopening (to order right size N95 masks)
  • Use of masks by staff and students- discuss cost and access
  • Post signs at door of school – “All people must wear a mask if entering school”
  • Post educational posters around school from, CDC, NYSDOH, NYSED
  • Develop guidelines for employees on use of masks, social distancing, stay home when sick etc.…
  • Plan a Staff Development Day for employees prior to reopening on guidelines set up
  • Develop written instructions for parents on all COVID-19 procedures followed at school
Nursing Role
  • Develop return to class/return to work criteria based on Executive order, NYSDOH & NYSED with Medical Director, may require notes to return (Public Health, HCP)
  • Track attendance and make plans for if numbers rise when you will close school
  • Develop plan for any multi use items in nurse’s office (cleansing or disposable)
  • Consider limiting access in nurse’s office (mass screening stopped, physicals by appt.)
  • Limit visits to nurse’s office for non-medical conditions (Ex: Kleenex for staff)
  • Develop sick student pick up procedure- tighten up expectations
  • Exclusion criteria- develop with Medical Director including minimal symptoms, afebrile
  • Develop plan for transporting sick students’ home if parents unable to get
  • Develop criteria for Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome (PMIS-C)
  • Confirm subs are willing to work and train on new protocols
Screening Employees/Students
  • Set up ground rules for screening staff and students prior to entry/daily/parents monitor
  • Consider staff health screening questionnaires – daily signs and symptoms, exposure, testing, require signature etc.…
  • Set up procedures for temperatures on entry/daily/PRN/ Train others
  • Order touch free thermometers as needed
  • Reminder to students and staff to stay home if they feel sick


  Measures to Address Anxiety
  • Establish a culture that supports and emphasizes mental health services available for faculty, staff, students and families


Download a pdf version of the checklist here.