Spring Symposium Thanks

The NYSASN Spring Symposium was held on March 12, 2016, in Syracuse, New York. NYSASN would like to thank the following

people for their time and efforts in putting forth a wonderful educational event:

Lou Ann Gleason headshot crop LG

Conference Chair
Lou Ann Gleason, MSN, RN


Conference Committee Members

Karen Culbertson, AAS, RN   ~  Olga Jeanne Dolly, RN, MSN, FNP, SNT, NCSN

Theresa Leeson, BSN, RN   ~  Flora McEntee, MS, BSN, RN, SNT   ~  Jacquelyn O’Donnell, RN

Debra Russell, RN, DPL  ~   Suzanne Smith, BSN, RN, NCSN

NYSASN Thanks Retiring Board Members

NYSASN has been a fortunate organization indeed to be served so well by two Board members who are retiring. They will be greatly missed as they embark upon new ventures. We wish them well and sincerely thank them for their dedication to our profession, the children of our state and our organization.

Karen-Cofino,-Bylaws-Chair-2x2_optAlthough Karen Cofino most recently served NYSASN as our Operating Guidelines Chairperson, she has been instrumental in energizing the Organization as President. She has also provided leadership as Representative and President of Zone 4 (Westchester Putnam Region.)

As a School Nurse in the Mamaroneck School District since 1995, Karen assumed a leadership role as the Nursing Coordinator while also directly serving as a School Nurse.

Karen’s expertise and interest in technology translated into efforts to further its use by NYSASN. The new website you see today, as well as many of the communications you receive from NYSASN, can trace their origins to the dynamic leadership shown by Karen Cofino. She has shared her energy, humor and encouragement with generosity and enthusiasm. In 2013, Karen was honored by NYSASN with the Judith Harrigan Founder’s Award.

We will greatly miss the energy, humor and encouragement Karen shared with her peers in NYSASN. Her organized, consistent and forward-thinking leadership has greatly enhanced our professional organization but we wish her the best of everything in her new home and new endeavors. Happy Retirement Karen!

Diane-Lightfoote-retiredDiane Lightfoote Timpano has devoted her considerable expertise and professional skill to enhancing the health and wellness of children in New York State for over 20 years.

Diane began her career as a School Nurse in the Glens Falls School District in 1995. She subsequently achieved National Certification and also became involved in her professional organization, NYSASN. Her dedication was unwavering and soon she was called upon to lead the organization in roles such as President and Secretary. Accolades from the students, families and staff that she serves have been numerous. Her peers have further honored her by awarding her the NYSASN Judith Harrigan Founder’s Award in 2010 and naming her the School Nurse of the Year in 2014.

Commitment to her students is evidenced by her role as a NASN HANDS program instructor. However, to many School Nurses who have attended the NYSASN School Nurse Orientation program in the summer, Diane is most recognized as an inspiring and engaging instructor. She demonstrates creativity, compassion and the ability to communicate most effectively.

Although we will miss her tremendous contributions to NYSASN as well as to the children and families of New York State, we wish Diane Lightfoot Timpano peace, health and enjoyment in her retirement. She has mentored all those she has worked with on the NYSASN Board and should be assured her efforts will continue to benefit children, families and School Nurses even after she begins to savor the joys of retirement.

Karen and Diane have mentored all those they have worked with on the NYSASN Board and should be assured their efforts will continue to benefit children, families and School Nurses even as they begin to savor the joys of retirement.

Carol Bumbolow, MS, BA, RN, President

Janice McPhee, MSN, RN, NCSN, Past President