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Chautauqua County Recognizes Second Week of COVID-19 Heroes

Submitted by heitzend on Fri, 02/19/2021 – 15:50

Mayville, NY: Chautauqua County Executive PJ Wendel and the COVID-19 Response Team recently announced the second week of COVID-19 Hero nominations for February 16-19.  Nominations are recognized in a video posted weekdays on the Chautauqua County Government Facebook page, and each nominee receives a personal note from the County Executive’s Office.

Jill Kenney is the school nurse for Pine Valley Central Schools, where she has been keeping students and staff up to date on COVID-19 and other health related information as it evolves. She has always gone above and beyond for the students of PVCS.

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To all the wonderful school nurses out there who continue to work during this COVID-19 pandemic, NYSASN wants to hear from you! Share your experiences with us by sending them to and we will post them to our website. The more good news we hear the better to help lift our spirts during these difficult times.

Many thanks to the School Nurses who have responded to our request for sharing their stories during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out their “Good News” submissions here.

Antoinette Lanoue honored by NYSUT for emergency response.

School Nurses Serve on NYSED COVID Task Force

In June 2020, NYSASN SNO Chair Olga Jeanne Dolly, MSN, FNP-C, SNT, and NYSASN President, Lou Ann Gleason, MSN RN, were invited to serve on the NYSED COVID task force committee. The task force included experts and stakeholders from every part of NY State. The meetings offered the opportunity for school nurse professionals to provide input that was used to make informed decisions about the safe reopening of schools during the pandemic. The information gathered was then synthesized and analyzed to form the basis of the guidance document that was presented to the Board of Regents at the NYSED meeting in July. The completed document was the guide schools and school districts used as they planned for the safe reopening of their schools. During their time representing NYS school nurses as part of the task force, the NYSASN Board Members also advocated for the presence of a Registered Professional Nurse in every school building and for adequate PPE for school nurses to be available when school reopened. The inclusion of school nurses with other professional groups in planning for students and staff safe return to school exemplified the invaluable role of nurses in ensuring the health and safety of the school population

Antoinette Lanoue honored by NYSUT for emergency response.

Congratulations to Janice McPhee on Receiving the NASN2020 President’s Recognition Award.

The Recognition Award identifies a recipient whose exemplary contributions to NASN serve to inspire others to promote the health of school children and to promote the goals and philosophy of NASN.    

Antoinette Lanoue honored by NYSUT for emergency response.

Zone 4 School Nurse Making a Difference

NYSASN member Maria Reino, who is the school nurse at West Patent Elementary School in Bedford Hills, knits at her desk instead of taking a lunch break. Students started showing interest in what she was working on and coming back to check on her progress. Their interest led to the creation of a knitting club which is currently working to send hats (ideally 750) to students in the Paradise Unified School District — a district that was affected by last year’s Paradise Fire.

 Read the full story here.

Antoinette Lanoue honored by NYSUT for emergency response.


Two NYSASN members from Long Island’s Zone 2, Paula Saltzman and Sandra Poshka,  were recently featured in a Sunday Newsday article on the evolving role of the school nurse. You can read it here at: Congratulations to both of them!
Antoinette Lanoue honored by NYSUT for emergency response.


Indian River Central School District recognized school nursing staff who responded to separate emergencies on the same day. Both students had good results after nursing intervention and EMS response.

Suzanne Smith, RN, (substitute retired school nurse) and Amy Trippany, LPN, responded immediately to a student having an anaphylactic reaction. At the same time, Mary Char Mills, RN, middle school nurse, and Julie Longacre, LPN, responded to an unresponsive student.

Pictured, L-R: Suzanne Smith RN, Amy Trippany LPN, Julie Longacre LPN, Mary Char Mills RN

Antoinette Lanoue honored by NYSUT for emergency response.


Antoinette Lanoue RN, school nurse at Averill Park Middle School, and NYSASN Zone 7 member, was recently honored by NYSUT for her response to a medical emergency which occurred at a NYSUT event. Thank you, Ann, for your caring, professional effort.  Pictured: (left to right) Charlene Opatkiewicz, NYSUT Labor Relations Specialist; Ann Lanoue, RN; Wendy Hord, Health and Safety Specialist.

Antoinette Lanoue honored by NYSUT for emergency response.

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