President’s Message


Dear NYSASN Members and School Nurses Across NYS:

“Nurses quietly go about their work in a noble profession, uncelebrated soldiers toiling through the days and nights in service to the sick, injured and the dying.” (Steve Lopez)

As this school year started, school nurses rolled up their sleeves and began with a better understanding of their new responsibilities and met the demands head on. We have once again proven to our school communities the value of school nurses and they have come to understand that we are a formidable force that goes to great lengths to protect our students, staff, and families. School nurses remained a steady, reliable, constant. At times we felt like we were drowning, not being able to catch a breath, never seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, or an off ramp to exit this craziness. But school nurses held on.

We are leaders, advocates, life-long learners, care coordinators, and change agents who have shown New York State the true definition of professionalism as we persevered through the toughest of times. We have shown our fortitude and commitment to the welfare of our students and families. We stood together and fought through the trenches as we dealt with waves of COVID-19, mask mandate debates, quarantine, and isolation regulation changes, and maintained the ever so delicate balance of communicating with parents about COVID-19 with empathy.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has clearly recognized our value stating, “School Nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances the well-being, academic success, and lifelong achievement and health of students.” This is personified in this year’s National Association of School Nurses’ School Nurse Day theme: “Bridging Healthcare and Education”. We focus on students’ health so students can achieve academic success and reach their full potential.

So, today on May 11, 2022, go celebrate you! You have championed for your students throughout the year and deserve to share the comradery of your fellow school nurses who understand the importance and the difference you are making in the lives of your students. Be proud of what you have accomplished and your professional career choice in school nursing. Today, stand together, share your laughter and tears with another school nurse colleague. Let each other know we got this and we got each other.

You have my sincerest appreciation and admiration!


Warm regards,


Geraldine Plechner, MSEd, BS, RN
NYSASN President
NYSASN • Caring for New York’s Future