President’s Message


Greetings School Nurses!

As we begin the new year, I would ask each of you to reflect on what we accomplished over the past few years. Most importantly, we rose to the challenges of COVID and meeting the needs of our students and school community.

Being school nurses, we push through and persevere because this is what we do best. We know that together we can work smarter and not harder.

This spring, NYSASN plans to welcome you back, in person, to our Annual Conference. The topic, “Emergency Care,” will be presented on April 22,2023 at the Syracuse-DoubleTree Hotel.

Our banquet and awards dinner will be on Friday, April 21st  where our newly elected officers, Excellence in School Nursing Award winners, and “Everyday Heroes” will be honored.

Our conference gathering will offer more than educational opportunities. It will be a time to have fun and unite with our school nurse colleagues. As Florence Nightingale once said, “Let us never consider ourselves finished nurses … we must be learning all of our lives.”

I wish you well as we begin 2023. Be kind to yourself, breathe, laugh, and live in the moment. Thank you for taking care of our NYS students. Let us continue to support each other as we move forward.

Together we are stronger!

Be safe, be healthy,


Annette Cobb
President, NYSASN