Dear NYSASN Members,  

I wanted to take a minute and welcome you back to school! I know that you all have been VERY BUSY with the new immunization requirements as well as welcoming the students, organizing  medications, emergency plans, sports issues….the list goes on and on!   First of all, a reminder that our Annual Conference will be held in Latham, NY on November 1st-2nd, 2019. We have a tremendous slate of speakers and topics. “How to Promote the Role of the School Nurse” is one discussion, plus you will have choices on topics related to managing school health services. Copy and paste this link in your browser to access more conference information: .  Second of all, Constance (Connie) Griffin, our NASN representative on the board, and her committee, have sent out information over the past few months regarding the NASN unification vote which will take place on November 2, 2019, at the annual membership meeting in Latham. Please visit the NASN page on our website ( so that you are informed about the upcoming vote. You may direct specific questions to Connie at  Lastly, when you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or a bit down, please think back to this personal story of mine. Several years ago, I was on a flight and sitting across from me was a guidance counselor from the state of Maine. He and I were chatting about our jobs. At that time, I was extremely overwhelmed. My perception was that I was expected to be everything to everybody but felt as if I was not accomplishing much. I dreaded going to work because school staff, parents, and students felt that EVERYTHING was an emergency and wanted their needs met immediately. I never seemed to have enough time in the day to get the job done and was mentally and physically exhausted. Back to the passenger across the aisle from me… while we were chatting, he was very upbeat, personable, and positive about his job. I had a smile on my face but was feeling far from positive until he made this comment. “Gail, isn’t it wonderful that WE WERE THE ONES CHOSEN FOR OUR JOBS?“ Right then, my mind shifted. I was the one chosen over 14 candidates because our school administration felt that I was the best one for the job! That one comment changed my thinking from that point forward! Each one of us is THE CHOSEN ONE for our positions….nobody else!   Take some time over the next few days to remind yourself that you ARE doing a great job and that you ARE the best one for the job! Yes, we will have difficult days, but we will have great days, too! Enjoy what you have and the things that you do, and know that you are truly making a difference in someone’s life, every single day.  

Best Wishes to You All for a Wonderful School Year!  

Gail Hall  
Gail Hall, DPL, RN
President, NYSASN