President’s Message | November 2018

The mission of the New York State Association of School Nurses is to advance the practice of school nursing and enhance the educational success of students by promoting quality health services. This is best served by two vital functions of our organization: our outstanding professional educational offerings and our commitment to influence, support or oppose relevant policy and legislative issues.

How does a dedicated group of 25 school nurses continue to maintain and support NYSASN’s mission? It all began with a vision over 30 years ago. Ann Reddington, our first president, and Judy Harrigan, our first president-elect, decided that their colleagues across New York State needed a more structured and professional organization that supported school nurses and provided them with a voice. Once they achieved their vision, NYSASN became a reality.

For the past three decades our board of directors has upheld these values and continued to improve upon them including ways to streamline our operations to provide good stewardship of membership monies. Recruiting and maintaining members in our professional organization is key to our existence and our viability. New York State school nurses deserve a voice at the table, and NYSASN’s mission clearly advocates for us. The larger our membership numbers, the louder, stronger and more powerful voice we have. Every single one of our members is valuable to the organization and contributes to the strength of NYSASN’s foundation.

Being a member provides excellent professional opportunities:

  • Attendees of our School Nurse Orientation program are paired up with an experienced school nurse mentor.
  • Professional development and key information about conferences, publications, and best practices is posted on our website.
  • Our annual conference provides an opportunity for nurses to network and mingle with others in their field in both professional and leisure settings.
  • We offer a scholarship to a deserving school nurse who is advancing their education in either a bachelor’s or master’s program.

NYSASN’s website offers a great deal of information pertaining to current issues and topics that are important to school nurses. We frequently collaborate with other health care providers or organizations regarding surveys to assist them in their research and share the perspective of school nurses. Please take a moment to go to and check out the drop-down menus and information available to you.

Currently, there is a national survey written specifically for school nurses from California State University Fullerton to examine awareness and attitudes toward Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC). Findings from the study will assist them in developing sustainable CSEC educational programs targeting school nurses and school-based health teams. NYSASN members are invited to complete the survey, which can be found in the Member Documents on our website.

As NYSASN’s 32nd President, I look forward to an exciting year ahead! I am confident that together we will continue to strengthen and uphold the vision of those founding school nurses from over 30 years ago to keep our organization in a forward-thinking mindset, meeting the needs of and supporting school nurses throughout our great state of New York.


Gail Hall, RN
NYSASN President