President’s Message

Dear Members and Colleagues,

It is a great honor and privilege to be your 30th President of the New York State Association of School Nurses (NYSASN). I am grateful to have served as your president elect with past presidents Janice McPhee and Carol Bumbolow. We have worked collaboratively during the past year in an effort to continue to build a strong association keeping nursing practice, policy and education in the forefront of our minds. I would like to thank both Janice and Carol for their leadership and guidance. I look forward to working with the Board of Directors of NYSASN as we continue to empower one another to complete the mission of the association.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family. Especially my husband Brett and our children Joshua and Sarah, I am grateful for their love and support through the years as I continue my work with NYSASN.

I feel I have been given a great opportunity to become a leader in this organization that I have become passionate about! This is a great responsibility; but it isn’t just up to me, your incoming president, or the board of directors of NYSASN. This responsibility is up to you, the members of the association. Please consider the mission of NYSASN: “To advance the practice of school nursing and enhance the educational success of students by promoting quality health services.” As you reflect on this mission statement consider ways that you can advance your practice as a school nurse.   To complete this mission is a collaborative effort. We all need to try to influence change in our practice. For example, if you are not invited to attend CSE meetings for the students in your school, invite yourself to sit on the committee. Join your Health and Safety or Wellness committees. Attend a PTA meeting, offer to do a presentation to parents/guardians. Be sure to attend conferences in your local zones to stay up to date on health related issues, become involved in political advocacy. You may find this is a refreshing new start to feeling passionate about the work you do for your students.

I will continue to work with NYSASN Communications and our Technology committees to update our website, utilize social media and improve technology to enhance our organization’s involvement in your practice.

I look forward to an exciting year ahead!


Betsy Williams AAS, RN

NYSASN President