President’s Message

Dear Members and Colleagues,

Congratulations to the School Nurses who are receiving the award for Excellence in School Nursing today, May 10, 2017, National School Nurse Day!! I hope you are all having a successful 2016/2017 school year and that those professional goals you set for yourself in the new year have become a reality!! As we celebrate School Nurse Day this week I hope you each find yourselves feeling like an important member of your school’s community. Recognizing ourselves as playing a critical role in improving the health and wellness of our students is an important part of realizing the contributions that School Nurses make each day. It is with our knowledge and support that children with chronic conditions can have a successful school year by bridging the gap between home, medical providers and school.

Advocating for School Nursing is another professional goal to reach for. As you network with colleagues think about joining NYSASN for our “Lobby Day;” it is scheduled for June 6, 2017. See legislation under the advocacy tab on the NYSASN website. There you find a list of public policy issues that we will be discussing with our elected officials “to educate them about the impact of proposed legislation on the provision of school health and school nursing services.” We will be sending an invitation out to the NYSASN membership soon to invite you to join us as we head to the Capital to advocate for school nursing.

As always, the board of directors will continue to strive to work together to increase communication, keep our website up to date and utilize social media to enhance our organization’s involvement in your practice.

I wish everyone a Happy School Nurse Day!!


Betsy A. Williams AAS, RN
NYSASN President