President’s Message
July 2016

“Rest is the Sweet Sauce of Labor” – Plutarch

Restoration can occur only if we make the effort to incorporate rest into our lives. In the practice of yoga, the use of resting poses such as Savasana is essential. The practitioner surrenders to relaxation while remaining fully conscious and actively engaged. According to many, this makes it a particularly challenging pose, although it appears rather easy.

How might we, as School Nurses, approach the challenge of remaining alert and engaged while surrendering to the well-earned relaxation of summer? NYSASN has tried to make this easier for all of us. We continue to post important information on our website as well as our Facebook page ( in both cases.) Take a few moments each week (or day!) to stay current using this tool. Contact us with any thoughts or questions that come to mind while you are in a relaxed state. It is during rest that evaluation, insight, and planning occur most productively. Investigate your NYSASN Zone information to see how you might become involved when we return to school. (A Zone map and the emails for Zone Representatives can be found in the “About Us” section. Consider communicating with our NYS legislators who have returned home during their break about issues that are important to all of us. Review our Annual Fall Conference brochure (under “Education” on this website) and make plans to join your colleagues in this exciting event.

Please know that your NYSASN Leadership is using this period of “Savasana” to prepare for School Nurse Orientation (SNO) in Skaneateles during August (also under “Education” on our website.) We are always invigorated and encouraged to meet the school nurses who attend. Simultaneously we are engaging in creating the best Fall Conference possible for you.

Enjoy, relax, but remain actively engaged!