Summary of 2016 New York State Bills

A00042School boards to enter contract to provide health services in Rochester and Buffalo.
A00832/S01964Employ minimum of one school nurse per school building– applies to big 5 cities, NYC, Yonkers, Syracuse, Buffalo and Rochester.
A01144Creates a state board for national certification of school nurse grant program.
A01518School nurse for inspection of pupils attending the public schools in New York State.
A04661/S02618Requires a school nurse on the premises during school hours in any school with an enrollment of one hundred or more pupils.
A06061/S03446School nurses, trained in an opioid overdose prevention program, may administer Narcan.
A03945/ S02145RN to BSN in 10 years, provides exemptions for those currently licensed or enrolled in nursing programs.
A00197Provides for non-licensed school staff to administer glucagon ‘kit’ and for expanded use of epinephrine auto-injector devices in schools in emergency circumstances.
**S0385Diabetes care management in school – school nurses or other licensed health care professional with expertise in diabetes to train volunteer staff. Diabetes care functions to include insulin administration by unlicensed staff.
A08342Risk analysis for Diabetes – periodic healthcare provider certificate (examination) shall include a diabetes risk analysis and, if necessary, children with risk factors shall be tested for diabetes
A04112Requires teachers to be trained in identifying and responding to asthma emergencies
A06505B/S01105Enacts comprehensive provisions to curtail Asthma and other respiratory diseases. Teachers would be trained in identifying and responding to asthma emergencies. Requires schools to prepare an asthma treatment plan if authorizing the use of inhalers and the reporting of cases of asthma
A06548a/S01668-AOmnibus act – Addresses nebulizers and asthma care, diabetes risk analysis, nutrition, obesity screening, and data collection.
A04293Heavy backpack study- authorizes a study and report on the adverse health effects of heavy backpacks on elementary school children.
A06504/S01521Authorizes schools to screen for obesity – BMI, family history part of physical.
A04216Dominic Murray Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act – Establishes rules and regulations for the treatment and monitoring of students who exhibit signs or symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest.
A0943 /S01536Allows for a philosophical exemption to immunizations.
A01822/S0509A01822/S0509 Requires HPV vaccination along with other immunization requirements for school attendance for all children born after January 1, 1996.
S0378Extends medical exemption enabling PAs and NPs to write as well as MDs.
A08329/S0617Repeals religious exemption to immunizations.
S038Epinephrine auto- injectors on site at pre-schools and restaurants.