NYSASN plays an active role in public policy issues that pertain to school health and the provision of professional school nursing services. To that end, NYSASN engages with elected officials to educate them about the impact of proposed legislation on the provision of school health and school nursing services.

The New York State Senate Bill S1239, which expands the authorization for trained unlicensed school personnel to administer all glucagon options in instances of severe low blood sugar emergencies, has been signed into law. The updated language helps school-aged children with type 1 diabetes, their families, school personnel, and healthcare professionals have access to and be trained on the full range of glucagon preparations available today for a severe hypoglycemia emergency.

Previously, training was limited to injectable glucagon (including the new autoinjectors now available).
The new legislation means that training for emergency administration of glucagon to non- healthcare professionals may now be expanded to nasal delivery methods.

Attention School Nurses!

Please be sure to click here and check out the latest changes to NYSDOH Immunization Regulations.

These changes reflect the seriousness of ensuring all children are properly immunized. Perhaps the most important change to the regulations is the requirement that physicians are now required to enter the reason for their medical exemptions in NYSIIS. In addition, it requires the use of medical exemption forms approved by the New York State Department of Health or New York City Department of Education; a written statement from a physician is no longer allowed.


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