NYSASN Board of Directors – Officers and Committee Chairs


PRESIDENT: Carol Bumbolow, MS, BA, RN,

School Nurse, Walter Panas High School
Lakeland Central School District
Cortland Manor, NY (Zone 4)

Carol initially became involved with NYSASN Zone 4 (Westchester-Putnam) because of her in the educational activities being offered. Her decision to become Zone 4 Representative to NYSASN was an effort to become more connected to the School Nurse community throughout our state. Carol has remained active on the Board of Directors, having seen the impact the organization’s united efforts can have in influencing the health and safety of the children and families we serve.


Past President: Janice McPhee, MSN, RN, NCSN

District Health Leader
Ballston Spa Central School District, Ballston Spa, NY (Zone 7)

Janice began as a representative for Zone 7 in 2004.  Teaching new school nurses at School Nurse Orientation is one of her most rewarding experiences as a member of the Board of Directors of NYSASN.  Currently, she is the District Health Leader in Ballston Spa Central School District.



President-Elect: Betsy Williams, AAS, RN

School Nurse, Glendaal Elementary School
Scotia-Glenville Central School District
Scotia, NY (Zone 7)

Betsy is a graduate of Albany Memorial School of Nursing, and has worked at both Albany Medical Center and St.Peter’s Hospital. A school nurse for 11 years, Betsy works closely with families, administrators, faculty and staff to ensure the safety and well-being of all. She ensures that students and their families have a voice by advocating for their health-related educational needs. She also serves on her school district’s Wellness Committee as well as the Health and Safety Committee.

Betsy is the current president of the Capital Region School Nurses Association (CRSNA) and has also previously served on the NYSASN Board of Directors as the Zone 7 Representative and the Promotions chairperson. Betsy has successfully hosted and/or chaired a number of professional events, including the 2012 NYSASN Annual Fall Conference, the 2014 CRSNA Mini Conference, and the 2015 NYSASN/CRSNA Spring Regional Conference.

In May 2012 Betsy was the recipient of the Award for Excellence in School Nursing from NYSASN.


Treasurer: Tamara Sullivan, RN

[Title], School
Town (Zone)

Tamara joined NYSASN Executive Board to become actively involved with decision making and with providing updated information to Registered Nurses who are School Nurses. The School Nurse will then have further knowledge, and know more of the resources, that are available to provide quality Health Services to students.


Secretary: Joetta Pollock, BSN, RN

[Title], School
Town (Zone 14)

Elected to the Position of Secretary in 2015, Joetta has served on NYSASN’s Board of Directors since July 2010 as the Zone 14 Representative. When asked to fill the spot as the previous Zone Representative was retiring, she felt it was time to become more involved in her professional organization with the hope of making a difference.


Membership Chair – Jacki O’Donnell, RN

Lead Nurse
William Floyd UFSD
Mastic Beach, NY (Zone 2)

Jacki has been a member of the NYSASN Board of Directors since 2007, serving as Zone 2 Representative, Communicator Editor, and Treasurer. Joining the board as a zone rep, Jacki was  impressed with the knowledge of the nurses on the Board. Their professionalism and dedication have inspired her to step up and serve in other capacities.


School Nurse Orientation Chair: Joanne Reynolds, MSN, RN, NCSN

[Title], Glen Worden Elementary School,
Scotia-Glenville Central School District
Scotia, NY (Zone 7)

Joanne joined the NYSASN Board of Directors in 2002 in an effort to gain a better understanding of the scope of school nursing practice, to network with other school nurses across the state, and to be a part of growth in the field of school nursing and effect positive change wherever possible.


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