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The New York State Association of School Nurses is very pleased to announce that we plan to hold a vote at our November General Membership Meeting on the proposal to unify with our national organization, the National Association of School Nurses (NASN).

The NYSASN Board of Directors feels that unification with NASN will be a very positive move forward for our organization. It will allow NYSASN to serve its members in full partnership with the professional organization that represents the nation’s school nurses at the national level and it will provide our members with a stronger, unified voice at this level.

NYSASN and NASN unification will mean that one membership fee will include membership in both organizations. We encourage our members to review the resources below detailing the enhanced benefits that unification with NASN will bring.

NYSASN thanks you for your membership and welcomes this opportunity for us to grow as an organization.

Stronger Together: NYSASN & NASN

Any questions or concerns can be directed to NYSASN’s NASN Director, Constance Griffin at


51st Annual NASN Conference

New York school nurses attending the NASN Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado: Please check in with our New York NASN Director, Connie Griffin, while there. She will be planning an outing for all New York attendees, as well as getting everyone together for the general membership meeting. She can also answer any questions you may have while there. Connie can be reached at Also, if you are a first-time attendee, please be sure to join the first-time attendee informational meeting. Ask at the registration desk where this meeting is to be held, or contact Connie. In addition, please check the Afflilliate Informational Boards located in the hallways by the central conference area for New York information.

Thank you.


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Maximize your time with a NASN membership.

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Top Five Ways a NASN Membership Supports Your School Nurse Aspirations

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Sight for Students Program from VSP Vision

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