NYS Healthcare Worker Bonus

It has come to our attention about an urgent matter regarding the Healthcare Workers Bonus (HWB) program which offers up to $3,000 to eligible workers who make less than $125,000 annually; remain in their positions for at least six months; and work up to two six-month vesting periods from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2024.

We know:

  • New York State Education Department’s Chief Financial Officer, Phyllis D. Morris sent out a memo on August 26, 2022 to School District Superintendents and Business Officers regarding Information Needed for Eligible Educational Entities to Submit Claims for Employee Health Care Worker Bonus Payments.
  • The definition of a qualified employer includes school districts, which are qualified employers under the Statewide Financial System, and registered nurses are listed in the eligible worker title
  • We are aware that some school districts have begun the application process to obtain the bonus money for their school nurses, while many other school districts have not engaged in this dialogue with their school nurses.


Time is of the essence: The roll out to complete the attestation to obtain the bonus money for employees who work in an educational setting began October 1st and closes October 31st for vesting periods 1 and 2. The next submission date will be April 1, 2023 for vesting period 3.

ACT NOW! Based on this information, we are encouraging all school nurses to reach out to their superintendents and business office managers regarding the HWB program NOW! Provide them with the following information:

Let them know that the employer submission closing date for the first two vesting periods ends October 31, 2022. Be bold and send them the completed Employee Attestation Form (presently, most of you probably qualify for vesting period 1) and ask them to submit it to the Healthcare Workers Bonus Program on your behalf.