Paula Saltzman | Zone 2 Representative

Paula is both a school nurse and the lead nurse for the Commack School District in Suffolk County, Long Island.  She continues to be passionate about her work with school aged children, even while in her 27th year of work, and her many summers spent working as a camp nurse. While her favorite part of her job entails educating students and parents, Paula says she’s fortunate to work with a staff and administration that supports her.

After college graduation from the University of Delaware, Paula began her career in California as a pediatric nurse at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Los Angeles, California. That was followed by positions at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and, after returning to New York, at Stony Brook Hospital. She left Stony Brook to begin her school nursing career and never looked back.

When not at work, Paula keeps busy with various pastimes that include her love of reading, writing and listening to music or comedy. She and her husband have two grown children and two grandchildren. They and her mother, sister and brother all live nearby in New York but she lists travel to visit extended family throughout the country as a favorite activity along with playing the game of Mah Jongg.

In remarking about her new BOD position Paula states, “I will not stop advocating for school nurses to be mandated in each school. It is crucial for public health to have a Registered Professional Nurse in each school connecting children, and their families with essential health care in their communities. I love being a Registered Nurse and would choose this profession again, over any other. I look forward to working on the NYSASN Board of Directors with all of you to make a positive contribution in the field of nursing.”


Kathy Varieur | Zone 5 Representative

Kathy Varieur is our new representative for Zone 5, where she works at North Rockland Central School District. While Kathy began her nursing career as a critical care nurse in Westchester County, her current position, as the district’s Health Services Facilitator, provides her the opportunity to interact with people from all areas within her district. This she describes one of the most rewarding aspects of her work.

When not at work, Kathy enjoys cooking and running in addition to her volunteer work for an animal rescue organization. A lifelong resident of Westchester County, Kathy adds that she is, “the mother of two wonderful teenagers and a very supportive and understanding husband—as I work a lot!”