In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic,
NY Project Hope
Provides Counseling and Education with an Emotional Support Hotline

Meet Ricky Caliendo, a Program Specialist with the NY Project Hope. This program is being offered by the NYS Office of Mental Health. NY Project Hope is a FEMA funded program that is providing crisis counseling and public education in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This includes an Emotional Support Helpline that was initiated by Governor Cuomo’s office in the beginning of the pandemic. Feel free to explore our website!

Project Hope is expanding supports for all New York residents through this tough time. In addition to the emotional support helpline and provider agencies throughout NYC and the remainder of NY, we have digital educational materials, a supportive social media presence and soon we will have a website filled with resources and relevant materials as we work to help New Yorkers cope with pandemic.

Part of his role with Project Hope is to reach out to NY residents, specifically populations across New York that have been uniquely impacted. The overall health and adjustment of New York’s children and youth is surely among them. Ricky’s intent in reaching out is to learn about how members of your group, both staff and students, have been distinctively impacted by the pandemic so he can reach them with relevant messaging and options for emotional support. Together, your partnership could really make a difference.

Project Hope would love to provide a Facebook post for your page that lists our free, confidential emotional support line. In addition, we can design some individualized digital and/or printed materials on coping skills, awareness and more for you to access and disseminate. This will help connect your members to NY Project Hope, giving the people you work with/serve a trusted source for emotional support. Get to know us on our Facebook pageInstagram page and Twitter account.

At NY Project Hope, they believe that your efforts will be a great start in connecting your staff and individuals being served to their resources and support during these very unusual times. Ricky asks that you contact him with a couple time slots in order to have a brief phone conversation and connect further on how Project Hope and the New York State Association of School Nurses intersect.

Thank you!
Phone: 518-474-0168