NYSASN is currently focusing advocacy efforts in the following topics. These chosen issues are based upon current legislation and areas of priority. Please see our Bills Summary for more information.

1. LPNs replacing RNs: NYSASN has uncovered a number of incidences of RN school nurses being replaced by LPNs or other staff. Legislators are being made aware of this issue. This is a violation of
Article 19 – the school nurse shall be a registered professional nurse. Lobbying will involve the request to sponsor new legislation that provides a penalty to school districts that employ a school nurse
who is not a registered professional nurse.

2. Opposition to bills that would enable non-licensed school staff to administer insulin.

3. Continue to support bills that ensure a school nurse in every school, a school nurse for the inspection of pupils, a minimum of one school nurse.

4. Continue to support RN to BSN legislation that would elevate our profession in advancing required professional preparation.

5. Oppose bills that could enable EMTs or other non-licensed people to provide school nursing service.

6. Enthusiastically monitor bills that provide for lead testing.

7. Watch emerging bills related to school health services and public health programming dispensed as part of health education.